Living in Kinley
Build your forever home

At Kinley, you can build the house you’ve always wanted, in a well-connected and welcoming community. Plus, Kinley’s land options include lots with expansive views, leafy aspects, attractive streetscapes and more.

Kinley is for those who have long dreamt of building their perfect home – a place where everything is just right, inside and out. Kinley is a place designed for living happily ever after.

Welcome home to Kinley
Leaf-lined streetscapes:
your new eastern-suburb address

Kinley has taken design cues from the best-loved features of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Beautiful avenues of majestic trees will, with time, grow to emulate the green corridors seen in many eastern-suburb streets and parks. Plus, wide lawn verges will enhance each neighbourhood’s green serenity.

House proud
Build your dream home

Kinley has partnered with some of Australia’s leading builders to offer an exceptional range of house and land packages suited to a variety of lot sizes, aspects and positions. Choose a stylish traditional home with contemporary touches or an inspiring modern home with character – and let the experts build your dream home for you. Or, if you plan to work with your own architect, Kinley’s Design Guidelines will ensure a result that’s aligned with Kinley’s east-suburban character.

Sustainable homes
Healthy and energy-efficient homes

A new home presents a real opportunity to help create a more sustainable future. Just as Kinley’s facilities will incorporate energy-efficient and water-saving elements, Kinley’s homes could incorporate solar power, LED or CFL lighting, water tanks, double glazing and highly effective modern insulation.

Optic-fibre internet

Every home will be connected to the internet via optic-fibre cable, designed to provide fast HD movie and game streaming, home-office internet access and smart technology connectivity.

East is characterful

Before Mike began planning the Kinley development, he spent some time exploring the area’s character. “This process was both a joy and a fascinating experience,” he enthuses. Kinley will be built on the site of the former Cave Hill limestone quarry, and Mike discovered this quarry was a source of great interest for many. The quarry’s heritage significance comes in part from its innovative engineering methods. The quarry also inspired an expansion of rail services to Lilydale. “Like the quarry before it, Lilydale will evolve into a well-connected community – with its own services and good links with surrounding established areas,” Mike explains. “We have integrated the site with neighbouring facilities such as the Box Hill Institute and its local public library. The path to Lillydale Lake, a popular recreation spot, is also connected with Kinley. So, one day, residents could be walking to these excellent local spots, straight from their front doors.”

We believe Kinley’s going to be a thriving and beautifully connected community.

Mike Day